BMB Bridge Hub & Lounges

BMB Bridge Hub

Good to know: the BMB Bridge Hub is the heart of BMB. Use it as the central location to navigate the site if you ever get lost. A link to the BMB Bridge Hub is always in the main menu at the top of every page.
The BMB Bridge Hub is a visual representation of the items you see in the expanded menu when you hover over BMB Bridge Hub. You might find it easier to navigate the site this way rather than relying on the menu links.

BMB Bridge Lounge

The BMB Bridge Club Lounge is the Members' play area where you can access game dates, game scores, purchase $ for BBO and BMB Points for RealBridge games, as well as see upcoming Charity Events held by various bridge clubs around the UK.

BMB Novice Lounge

The BMB Novice Lounge is the area of BMB designed specially for those new to bridge. Novices can access Bernard's Begin Bridge software to play online, the Novice Bidding Quiz, Novice Tips, as well as the Novice Forum where beginners are encouraged to use the wider BMB community to ask questions and improve their game.