What is BMB?

Bernard Magee Bridge (BMB) – – was launched just after lockdown and has quickly become the UK's premier online bridge learning community.
BMB caters to bridge players ranging from novices to club experts.
Every week Bernard Magee releases fresh bite-sized content to inspire and challenge your bridge playing abilities. Take as much or as little as your time allows.
Good to know: Bernard Magee Bridge is a subscription membership site where members receive monthly seminars, hands, quizzes and community from Bernard Magee, the UK's foremost bridge tutor.


Bernard Magee - the UK's #1 bridge tutor
Bernard Magee is the UK’s best-known bridge teacher and host, and has built up a tremendous following from his regular and highly popular articles in BRIDGE magazine.
He is the author of best-selling interactive tutorial software and DVDs on Acol Bridge available from the Bernard Magee Bridge shop and Amazon. Bernard has published numerous bridge books, including Quiz books and Tips books. He also has a range of e-books (available on Amazon) on bidding quizzes designed especially for tablet / iPad reading with a quiz on one page and the answer on the next.


When you become a member of Bernard Magee Bridge (BMB) you will receive more than simple online bridge tutorials. Being a BMB member means joining a community of likeminded bridge enthusiasts with whom you can chat and play on or offline.
Overview of membership access:
  1. 1.
    Fully Online Available 24/7 Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, your BMB membership will keep you company whatever the time.
  2. 2.
    Membership Content Updated Weekly Bernard updates content weekly to ensure there is always something new to learn and enjoy for members. He does THREE live shows each week with the opportunity for viewers to interact with each other and Bernard on the live chat.
  3. 3.
    Seminars, quizzes, hands - and more* Whether you like playing set hands or testing your wit against Bernard's cunning quizzes, there are hours of entertainment at your fingertips.
  4. 4.
    Forums and Private Facebook Group Feel free to branch out, meet new people and make new friends via our BMB community forums as well as our highly active Members' Facebook Group.
*As a member of Bernard Magee Bridge you will receive access to unprecedented quality training, all designed and presented by Bernard himself.


At the end of 2022 we released a major update to the BMB website.

Members: You can now easily dip in and out of the site when it suits you.

You no longer need to feel that you have to keep up, as all the new content is added to our easy to search archive. So, for example if you love the Quizzes, then you can go to the Quizzes Archive and choose the type you like - Bidding, Lead (Prize), Play or Novice Bidding - and watch as many or as few as you desire.

We have redesigned the entire website, so searching and navigation around the site will be easier and quicker for you.

We continue to give you lots of NEW weekly video content, THREE weekly live shows, set hand practice and games, and our community continues to thrive and is now found under the 'Bridge Chat' section.
We now also have an extensive library of bridge resources with a great search facility.

Points are now awarded for the Lead (Prize) Quiz and furthermore we have introduced new BMB Courses, found under the Tuition menu, with 11 topics to start.

We are evolving the Novice Members section, which (for Novice Members) features on your 'My Homepage'.

Keep an eye on 'BMB Updates' in the menu

Here you will find the latest news and calendar of online live shows and games as well as Bernard's blog (coming soon) .

Send us your feedback!

The new website offers us much more flexibility in what we can implement, so your continued feedback is very much appreciated, and we really value it all in order to grow things further for you. To give us feedback, please go to 'Bridge Chat' in the main menu bar, select 'New BMB Forums!' and then you will see the 'Website Suggestions' forum at the bottom of the list.
Alternatively email us: [email protected]
Our team are here to help you, so if you have any questions at all please either email us or call us on 01344 205 120.
P.S. Please remember to email us your example hands – Bernard really likes to have hands from real games to demonstrate his ideas in the live shows!


Monthly Big Seminar

Bernard's monthly Big Seminars cover a different bridge topic each month and sets the subject for the month, which is continued in the Monday Live Show on YouTube.
LIN and PBN files relating to each seminar are available for download on the BMB seminar page. The first two weeks of the month feature set hands relating to the Big Seminar and the second two weeks each have Mixed Set Hands to test your knowledge.

Weekly Live Events

Bernard's Live Events are broadcast on Mondays (open seminar), Wednesdays (Teams on BBO - members only) and Fridays (members only seminar). Please see calendar for all our dates and times. Click the link for the BMB Live Events Calendar

Weekly Quizzes

Bernard creates weekly quizzes to test your knowledge and help you improve. There are four new quizzes each week: Novice Bidding Quiz, Bidding Quiz, Play Quiz and Lead Quiz.

Hands of the Week

The Hands of the Week are taken from the Q-Plus software available in the BMB Shop. Each week there is an Easier Hand of the Week and a Harder Hand of the Week.

Community Forums

Members have access to our vibrant and engaging community forums. We have four Member's Forums:
  1. 1.
    General Discussion Forum
  2. 2.
    Partnership Forum
  3. 3.
    Bridge Questions Forum
  4. 4.
    Laws & Ethics Forum

Private Facebook Group

BMB Members also are invited to join the BMB Private Facebook Group to engage in general discussion, find a partner and learn about exclusive Member's events.
Good to know: BMB membership is a monthly membership which can be cancelled at any time. We do not lock you in to extended membership periods.

Big Seminar Taster

Here's a taster of one of Bernard's Big Seminars:

Bidding Quiz Taster

Here's a taster of one of Bernard's quizzes:

Guides: become a BMB expert in no time!

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics of getting the most out of Bernard Magee Bridge.
Good to know: we update these guides regularly so if there is anything that is unclear or hard to find, we hope you will the answer here. If not, you can always Contact Us and we will respond to your question as quickly as possible.
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