Option 1: Playing Set Hands (on BBO)


Organised Set Hand Games for BMB Members only (for the current month’s ‘Big Seminar’ only) This option is for playing the x8 Set Hands in one of our organised Set Hand games online on BBO. The schedule of Set Hand sessions is found on the BMB Calendar under ‘BMB Updates’ in the main menu bar.

Only BMB Members are able to join in these practice sessions – you will need to provide BMB with your BBO Username in order to join in these sessions – you can add this to your account on your ‘My Homepage' at the bottom in the ‘Account Admin’ section

There are 12 organised games over the first three weeks of the month when you can play the 8 Set Hands:

  • Tuesday: 2pm

  • Wednesday: 11am

  • Thursday: 8pm

  • Saturday: 11am

When Bernard runs live events, he gives a seminar and then after a tea break, players then have a go at the set hands. So, it is a reasonable idea to try to watch the seminar just before you try the hands on BBO. Bernard has created a short video that explains how playing on BBO in one of these games works.

Playing Set Hands Games on BBO

Make sure you have given your BBO name to Bernard Magee Bridge.

  • Log in with BBO name and BBO password.

  • Use: ‘Play or Watch Bridge’ menu.

  • Click on: Competitive.

  • Click on: All Tournaments.

  • At the top right of the screen click in the Search box.

  • Type: BMB

  • BMB Set Hands’ will appear in the menu – click on the tournament.

  • REGISTER with a partner (if you know their BBO Name) Or go to PARTNERSHIP DESK to find a partner there is a little video to take you through this process.

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