Option 3: How to Implement PBN file on Q-plus

How to download a PBN file from BMB website and then upload a PBN file to Q-Plus software.

You can use the PBN file that you can download from the ‘Big Seminar’ page each time a new ‘Big Seminar’ comes out.

The PBN file is used to download and load the hands on to your own piece of software. Bernard’s videos illustrate the Set Hands using the Q-plus software and there is a video that shows how to load the hands on to Q-plus software in our Q-plus Help Videos. However, it should be just as easy to put the hands on other bridge software.

DOWNLOAD a PBN file from BMB website

  1. Under each ‘Big Seminar’ there is a button saying: 'Ready for the Set Hands? Click here'.

  2. Click this button.

  3. Next click the red button ‘Click here for the PBN file download’ and download / save the file on your laptop.

Note: Q-Plus is currently only available on Windows PC

  1. You have successfully downloaded the PBN files from the BMB website.

IMPORT (UPLOAD) a PBN file to Q-Plus software

  1. Install the Q-plus Bridge software on your computer (available for PC only).

  2. Open Q-plus (Bridge software).

  3. Select ‘Own Deal’ from the menu.

  4. Choose ‘Import and use deals of other authors…’

  5. In the ‘Local PC’ section click the ‘Search’ button.

  6. Find the .pbn file that you want to import and double click it.

  7. Next click ‘Play’.

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