Video Player Troubleshooting

Video Player Window Size

In order to make the video player larger, you can easily enter full-screen mode. When you hover your cursor over the video, a control bar shows on the video screen. On the bottom right of the video screens is a button that will make the video full screen. To get out of full screen press this same button again.

Video Player Sound

For sound, as well as the volume levels on your device, there is also a control on the control bar on the bottom of the video player. This control has grey or white vertical bars which, when you press and drag to the right, increases the volume. By default the sound should be right up on the setting shown.

Video Looks Fuzzy

To increase the quality of the video(sharper image),click the cog on the bottom right corner of the video player:

A pop-up box shows Quality options. The lower the number, the worse the video quality, so low quality at 240p results in a fuzzy image.

The default setting is Auto but this can result in low quality. The player attempts to judge the best quality for your internet speed and sometimes it can simply get it wrong.

You can manually force the player to use a higher quality by selecting the 1080p setting:

Good to know: The above images are from the BMB video player. However, the same principle applies when watching YouTube videos. Simply look for the cog on the YouTube player and adjust in the same way as above.

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