Option 2: How to Implement LIN file on BBO

How to download a LIN file from BMB website and then import (upload) a LIN file to BBO (Bridge Base Online).


The LIN file can be used on BBO for you to play the set hands privately on BBO, either with your friends or on your own with robots (BBO may apply charges to your games).

If you want to play as a private foursome, you can, but you will need one of you to take charge of the technical side of things!

Bernard has created two mini-videos to explain how to put a file in to BBO and then how to create a table on which to use the file. Note that BBO use a different kind of file to the software above – they use a LIN file.

DOWNLOAD a LIN file from BMB website

  1. Under each ‘Big Seminar’ there is a button saying: 'Ready for the Set Hands? Click here'.

  2. Click this button.

  3. Next click the red button ‘Click here for the LIN file download’ and download / save the file on your laptop or iPad / tablet.

  4. You have successfully downloaded the LIN files from the BMB website.

IMPORT (UPLOAD) a LIN file to BBO website

Note: this is a third-party platform and as such you will need to register with BBO in order to obtain a username and password.

  1. Log in to BBO.

  2. Go to ‘Account’.

  3. Go to ‘Deal Archive’.

  4. Click the ‘+’ to add a new folder.

  5. Click the pen icon to edit the name of the folder.

  6. Delete the text saying ‘untitled folder’ and retype the relevant name for the set hands e.g. Responding to Doubles.

  7. Click the tick icon to confirm the new name.

  8. At the bottom of the screen there is a blue button saying ‘Import LIN file’ – click this.

  9. A pop up box will show called ‘Import LIN file’.

  10. Next click the ‘Choose file’ button in this box – then find and select your LIN file.

  11. Next click the ‘Import’ button.

  12. When these files have successfully imported then a message confirming this will appear and advise you where they have been uploaded to.

  13. Now click the ‘X’ at the top corner of the ‘Import LIN file’ box – to close this.

  14. You have successfully imported the LIN files to your account on BBO.

PLAY a game using the LIN file on BBO website*

  1. In the main section on the left side of the page select ‘Practice’ from the ‘Play or Watch Bridge’ section.

  2. Next select ‘Start a Teaching table’.

  3. Select the ‘Invisible’ setting.

  4. Click the ‘Start Table’ button at the bottom of the section.

  5. There is a blue box with 3 horizontal lines in – click this and a pop up box shows.

  6. Select ‘Deal Source’.

  7. Select ‘Use Saved Deals’.

  8. This reveals your ‘My Hand Folders’ (which are the folders of LIN files that you have uploaded to your account).

  9. Click on the relevant folder with the LIN file you want to play – e.g. Responding to Doubles – then click ‘Select’ (positioned to the right of the red text ‘My Hand Folders’) to lock this in.

  10. Go back to the blue box with 3 horizontal lines in. You have various ‘Teaching Options’ available including revealing cards to all players or just specific players.

  11. Go back to the blue box and select ‘Table Options’ in order to ‘Reserve Seats’ for your friends to join in the game by clicking on North, East, South or West and typing the BBO Username of your friend, or select ‘Robot’ in order to practise on your own.

*Please note that any games you play on BBO are charged for by BBO, including games against Robots. If you are playing privately with friends then there may not be a charge by BBO. Bernard Magee Bridge is not involved in any payments you make to BBO and does not take any monies from BBO for any games that you play on their BBO website.

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