Safari: Clear the Cache

Why do I need to clear the cache?

If you are having difficulties accessing the BMB website, this may be the result of what is called "browser caching". This is where your web browser keeps copies of frequently visited web pages to reduce load times.

Caching works really well for pages that don't change but can cause problems with interactive websites such as Bernard Magee Bridge where content is frequently updated. 'Clearing the cache' normally resolves such issues. This may also helps to resolve any browser issues you have after a system or security updates on your device. You can clear the cache without deleting ‘Saved Passwords / Log-in’ or browser data.

The Apple Safari browser is the one with an icon that looks like this:

Firstly, ensure you are logged out of BMB. Then navigate to Safari preferences.

In the pop-up window that appears after clicking Preferences, select Privacy at the top and then Manage Website Data.

Once you have clicked Manage Website Data, a new window appears. Wait for the window to populate with the cookies list.

Once the list has populated, scroll down to find Click on it once so the background goes blue and then click Remove, followed by Done. This will ONLY remove the cookies from the cache and leave all your other data intact.

Finally, Quit Safari, re-open and navigate to Click Ok to accept cookies from BMB and you should be all set.

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