Practice Options

We currently run our practice Set Hand games on BBO (Bridge Base Online). We will be moving our games to in early 2023.

Included with your Membership Subscription you have the option to practise and play what you have learned from the ‘Big Seminar’, by way of x8 accompanying Set Hands. You can play these first and then view Bernard’s Set Hand videos.

There is no charge for BMB Members to play in our set hand games, and you can only join in the session if you have registered your BBO username with us.

We provide FOUR OPTIONS to play or review the x8 Set Hands:

  1. Option 1: LIN file – used to play privately on BBO.

  2. Option 2: PBN file – used to play on your own Bridge software (e.g. Q-Plus).

  3. Option 3: Organised Set Hand games (currently played on BBO – Bridge Base Online) see the ‘BMB Calendar’ under ‘BMB Updates’ for the full playing schedule.

Option 3 is only available for the set hands accompanying the current month’s ‘Big Seminar’ for the first 3 weeks of the month. During the last 1 or 2 weeks of each month we offer x8 Mixed Set Hands, which cover a mix of the ‘Big Seminar’ topics.

  1. Option 4: Just watch the Set Hand videos – Bernard talks through the bidding and play of each hand. Some people like the option to practice the Set Hands before reviewing the videos.


Options Explained

Bernard releases a new ‘Big Seminar’ at the start of each month. You can find this in the ‘Bridge Content’ section of this website.

After you have watched the ‘Big Seminar’, there is an opportunity to play the accompanying x8 Set Hands to reinforce the ‘Big Seminar’ in your mind.

Under each ‘Big Seminar’ there is a button like this:

This button then reveals:

Options 1 & 2

Download the LIN or PBN files:

  1. LIN file This file can be used on BBO for you to play the set hands privately on BBO, either with your friends or on your own with robots (BBO may apply charges to your games).

  2. PBN file This file can be used on your own software e.g. Q-Plus.

Option 3

Option 3 is for the current month’s ‘Big Seminar’ only and is to play the x8 Set Hands in one of our organised Set Hand games online on BBO.

The schedule of Set Hand sessions is found on the ‘BMB Calendar’ under ‘BMB Updates’ in the Main Menu bar.

Only BMB Members are able to join in these practice sessions – you will need to provide BMB with your BBO Username in order to join in these sessions – you can add this to your account on your ‘My Homepage’ at the bottom in the ‘Account Admin’ section.

Option 4

After you have played the Set Hands, return to the LIN & PBN download page.

Click the yellow button saying ‘Click here to reveal the Set Hands’. This will then reveal x8 videos where Bernard provides guidance for the correct play of each hand.

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